OBJETS DU JOUR  |  2010 - 2011
With a modern approach to Trompe-l'œil eighteen century painting techniques, this series of prints features medium format capture of the most vivid detail from functioning tools and artifacts of the past century.  Captured with a Hasselblad H3 digital system.../hyperrealism/index-n-1.html


EVENING AUCTIONS  |  2011 - 2012                               1 | 2 | 3
In this series I explore the landscape of everyday life through the clusters of objects that surround me and give meaning to pop culture. The personal objects and recent Sotheby’s auction catalogs emerge as metaphors about the many daily rituals that we participate or are exposed to in modern society.../hyperrealism/everyday-01.html../hyperrealism/sometimes-1.html../hyperrealism/mirrors-01.html../hyperrealism/index-n-1.htmlshapeimage_6_link_0shapeimage_6_link_1shapeimage_6_link_2
EN GEOMETRIE  |  2010 - 2011
This series of prints (in progress) explores physical symmetry of reflecting objects.  The digital photomontages are the result of superimposing multiple views of a single object.  Captured with a Hasselblad H3 digital system.../hyperrealism/index-n-1.html
ELLIPTICAL FIELDS  |  2010                                           1 | 2 | 3
This series of prints on aluminum panels explores the geometry of original written abstract mathematical equations.  In this case, I wrote the equations responding to the physics of magnetic fields in space.  The prints were made at Magnolia Editions. The series also includes video of the animated digital object.../formulations/field-0.html../formulations/strings-1.html../formulations/towers-1.html../formulations/index-m.htmlshapeimage_8_link_0shapeimage_8_link_1shapeimage_8_link_2


OBJECT ONE  |  2007-2010                                  1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5
This series of prints explores the geometry of original written abstract mathematical equations. I was inspired by the curvatures of metal panels found in the architecture of Frank Gehry.  This is the very first original abstract mathematical equation I wrote.../studies/s-string.html../studies/s-toroid.html../studies/s-colloidal.html../studies/s-object.html../studies/s-orchid.html../formulations/index-m.htmlshapeimage_11_link_0shapeimage_11_link_1shapeimage_11_link_2shapeimage_11_link_3shapeimage_11_link_4
METROPOLIS   |  1995 - 2000
This series of photomontages explores concepts of symmetry, asymmetry and tessellation through the creation of a fictitious Metropolis from real photographs from Paris & London.  The resulting landscape is usually associated with the layout of Rome.  Originally captured in 35 mm black & white film.../early-work/metropolis.html


ART DECO CAFE   |  1999
I created this series of physical photographic collages using original experimental color photography printing techniques.  The series was exhibited couple of times and I have lectured twice on the printing process originally developed to create them. ../early-work/art-deco.html


This series of photomontages features a mythical character experiencing an alchemical transformation of his nature and identity.  Inspired by Greek Mythology, the Renaissance and atmospheric phenomena.  Original capture was in digital 35 mm and the series was published in GET RI magazine cover of January 2011.../early-work/quantum.html
FACETED   |  2006
This series of prints explores identity and the multiple facets of the personality of an individual.  Inspired by the history of film and Andy Warhol’s celebrity portraits.  The series was featured in the cover of  GET RI Magazine August 2006 issue commemorating the 11th edition of the Rhode Island International Film Festival.../early-work/faceted.html

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ALTITUDE   |  2007 - 2011                                                1 | 2 | 3
This series of photographs were taken during exploration of the Lost Inca city of Machu Pichu. The series explores photo-stitching digital technologies and was originally captured in 35 mm digital format.../early-work/altitudes.html../early-work/altitudes-1.html../early-work/altitudes-2.html../early-work/altitudes.htmlshapeimage_30_link_0shapeimage_30_link_1shapeimage_30_link_2
HAIR COLOR  |  2010 
This series of medium format photographs (in progress) of materials and tools used in the hair styling industry incorporates irony, and humor as it deals with the toxicity related to hair color chemistry.  Captured with a Hasselblad H3 digital system.../hyperrealism/index-n-1.html
EVERYWHERE WE LOOK AROUND, 9:11 min  |  2011
Michael Layefsky’s images (projected from the balloon he uses for his series Aerial Photography), are juxtaposed with images from Google.  Love is about our eternal quest for the bird’s eye view, the technologies developed to that end and the fear that they instill.../concepts/loveisintheair-1.html


WHAT I AM LOOKING FOR, 6:00 min  |  2011
Rosa María Alfaro’s images, from her series Urban Trash, are juxtaposed with excerpts from the opinion pages of The New York Times and it’s reader’s comments about new powers of surveillance in the decade after 9/11.  Two channel video mounted on trash cans.  Unveiled for Keeping and Eye on Surveillance at PAI.../concepts/whatiamlookingfor-1.html


              VISUAL ARTS


5 works on view at Group Show:


Metropolitan Transit Commission | MTC

101 Eighth Street, Oakland, CA

December 2011- February 2012

Reception: Thursday Jan. 26th 4- 7 pm

3D I CHING PROJECT  |  2011 - 2012
In this project I revisit the I Ching and write 64 new mathematical formulations to develop 3D hexagrams. In the new 3D I Ching Chart I present the geometry resulting from each trigonometrical formulation and substitute the original hexagrams with a variety of 3D visual representations.../concepts/3d-i-ching-1.html