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Antonio Cortez is a multimedia artist known for developing Mathematical Formulations in the Service of Art, a series of renderings and prints that explores geometries from abstract mathematical functions and their intersection with art. Mr. Cortez is also working in conceptual installation art projects integrating photography, media arts and para-design.

Mr. Cortez was born in Caracas, Venezuela.  He holds a BS in Materials Science Engineering. During his college years, he studied photography at The Newman Foundation, a design school that followed Bauhaus principles.

In 1995, Mr. Cortez earned a Graduate Certificate in Administration and Management from Harvard University. Continuing his interest in the visual arts, he pursued course work at The School of the Museum of Fine Arts Boston, Emerson College, and New England School of Photography.  In the 90’s Antonio traveled through Europe and developed series of architectural photography. 

In 2001, he founded Antonio Cortez Design in Cambridge, MA.  The firm created advertising campaigns for several art organizations. His work has been published in several photo-editorials.

In 2007, Mr. Cortez explored digital cinematography as Assistant Director and VFX Supervisor for a short film.  The film explored the integration of live action capture with CGI & classical animation techniques.

In 2008, Mr. Cortez relocated his practice to Beverly Hills and later to San Francisco.  Since then he organizes exhibitions for Bay Area Artists at ArtZone 461 Gallery and provides production services to artists and curators.

From 2009 to 2010, Cortez provided logistic support to four installments of the  acclaimed exhibition The Seduction of Duchamp. Most recently, he collaborates to the YBCA:YOU pilot program at Yerba buena Center for the Arts and participates in new media art meetings of the SF chapter of Upgrade.  Cortez’ 3D I Ching Chart was referenced by San Francisco Chronicle’s Art Critic Kenneth Baker in his 2012 review: “John Cage's influence explored in 'Get Lucky'.”





2012    The Collective Eye: Visions of Places, Objects & Inspirations (Group Show)

            MTC, Oakland, California

2011    Get Lucky: The Culture of Chance (Group Show)

            SOMArts, San Francisco, California

2011    Keeping An Eye On Surveillance (Group Show)

            Performance Art Institute, San Francisco, California

2011    Art For Aids Auction (Juried Show)

            SF Design Center, San Francisco, California

2011    Scrambled (Group Show)

            Jerry Adams Gallery, Berkeley, California

2010    Mathematical Formulations in the Service of Art (Solo Exhibition)

            Sagan Piechota Architecture, San Francisco, California

2010    Art For Aids Auction (Juried Show)

            SF Design Center, San Francisco, California

2010    Photographic Currents (Group Show)

            Berkeley City College, Berkeley, California

2010    Prints Byte (Group Show)

            SOMArts, San Francisco, California



Special Projects in Photography & Printing (Continuing Education)

Berkeley City College, Berkeley, California

Experimental Color & Digital Photography (Continuing Education)

New England School of Photography, Boston, Massachusetts

Creative Studies in Advertising (Continuing Education)

Emerson College, Boston, Massachusetts

Video Production (Continuing Education)

School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, Massachusetts

Graduate Certificate in Administration & Management

Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts

BS in Materials Science, Minors in Polymer Science & Technology

Universidad Simon Bolivar, Caracas, Venezuela

Black & White Photography (Continuing Education)

School of the Newman Foundation, Caracas, Venezuela


2012    Left to Chance: The Accidental Book Art (Group Show)

            San Francisco Center for the Book SFCB, San Francisco, California


2010    Juxtaposed: A BCC Art Students’ Show (Group Show)

            Berkeley City College, Berkeley, California

2010    Photographic Currents (Group Show)

            Berkeley City College, Berkeley, California


Berkeley City College, Multimedia Arts Collection, Berkeley, CA




SAN FRANCISCO, CA    | DEC. 17. 2011 - JAN. 26, 2012



Kenneth Baker, John Cage's influence explored in 'Get Lucky',
San Francisco Chronicle, January 7, 2012http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/2012/01/06/DDIF1MK26T.DTL