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Antonio Cortez was born in Caracas, Venezuela.  He holds a BS in Materials Science Engineering with minors in Polymer Science & Technology. During his college years, Cortez studied Black & White photography at The Newman Foundation, a design school that followed Bauhaus principles.

In 1995, Cortez earned a Graduate Certificate in Administration and Management from Harvard University and worked as a Director of Marketing for a firm in Boston for several years. Continuing his interest in the visual arts, Cortez studied video production at The School of the Museum of Fine Arts Boston; creative advertising in Emerson College; and experimental color & digital photography at New England School of Photography, where he worked as a Teaching Assistant for digital technologies for four years.  During this time Antonio traveled extensively through Europe and pursued landscape architectural photography assembling the photographic series “Metropolis”.  In 1999 he co-produced a documentary about the 100th anniversary of the artists’ colony in Provincetown.

In 2001, he founded Antonio Cortez Design in Cambridge, MA.  The firm created advertising campaigns for non-profit art organizations such as Festival Ballet Providence, for 6 seasons; and Rhode Island International Film Festival, for 3 years.  From 2005-2007 Cortez published several photo-editorials in Rhode Island as part of Team A-D, a photographic team pursuing fashion and editorial photography.  In 2007, Cortez explored digital cinematography as a Assistant Director and VFX Supervisor for the short film “Garrick”.  The film explored the integration  of live action captured on HD with CGI and classical animation.

At the end of 2007, Cortez started exploring the connection between geometries from abstract mathematical functions and architectural form.  In 2008, Cortez relocated to San Francisco and is involved in organizing exhibitions for Bay Area Artists at ArtZone 461 Gallery. Most recently, Cortez provided logistic support to the acclaimed exhibition “The Seduction of Duchamp”.  Since early 2010, Cortez has focused in assembling the series “Mathematical Formulations in the Service of Art” and exploring several printing processes and technologies on different materials.      





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