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I use the language of mathematics to help me visualize and formulate complex geometries that are visually compelling and physically arresting.  This project allows me to bring full circle an education in Materials Science Engineering with a passion for Visual Arts.

My creative process is one of explorations and findings.  I start by formulating a mathematical equation for which I can forecast its corresponding geometry.  I use graphing software to solve the equation and create intersecting functions that explore principles of abstract mathematics.  I modify the functions until they produce an intriguing shape in a specific region of space.  Eventually a construction emerges that corresponds to a given physical phenomena that I have set out to represent.  I rotate it, explore it, colored it, light it and document it in many different ways.  I finally create prints on paper or on aluminum panels for the most intriguing construction’s views.  I also create exploratory videos for each set of functions.

The different geometries that I come across, sometimes, direct me to see applications of these formulations in Art, Architecture, and even Quantum Physics. I am particularly interested in exploring the influence that 3 dimensional physical phenomena have on artistic expression on a 2 dimensional plane.  I draw inspiration mostly from physics (gravitational and magnetic fields, string theory, relativity and optics) and chemistry (macromolecules, and organic constructions). The results are commonly associated to different Art movements and seen to have potential applications in contemporary architecture and 3D technology.

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